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Soil & Overburden

Overburden analysis by Acid-Base Accounting is the primary method used to delineate potentially toxic materials as well as highly fertile strata. This information is used to guide overburden placement reducing earthmoving, maintaining water quality and limiting revegetation costs and liabilities.

REIC has a wide range of experience in the sampling, research and reclamation of problematic sites. Available analyses range from simple pH and texture, to elaborate simulated weathering cells used to evaluate the effectiveness of ameliorating agents and material placement.

Some examples of analyses REIC performs are:

  • pH, paste or 1:1 (soil/water)
  • Acid-Base Accounting w/Color and Paste pH
  • Total Sulfur
  • Sulfur Forms
  • Available Major Plant Nutrients
  • Metals Assays
  • Low-level Selenium
  • Lime Requirements
  • Cation Exchange and Capacity
  • Simulated Weathering Analysis
  • Particle Size Analyses
  • Slake Durability Index (SDI)
  • Sludge Analysis

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