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Sampling & Analysis


Complete sampling services include a variety of well purging pumps and controllers, generators, autosamplers, gas probes and other equipment. Fully staffed and experienced field teams are available for the most technical and demanding sampling requirements.


Metals Analysis:

The metals laboratory performs ICP, ICP/MS, GFAAS, and mercury, and low-level mercury analyses on a variety of environmental samples.  In addition, low level selenium is analyzed by an automated hydride generation atomic fluorescence instrument.


Wet Chemistry:

The wet chemistry laboratory performs most of inorganic analyses other than metals.  Parameters include nutrients, BOD, COD, oil & grease, cyanide, solids, anions, TOC, and bacteria.  Bacteriological tests are conducted on drinking water, in addition to wastewater, groundwater, and stormwater.


Organic Analyses:

REIC’s Organic Analysis Department routinely analyzes a wide range of volatile and semivolatile compounds in drinking water, as well as wastewater, and solid wastes.  Compound classes include volatile and semivolatile industrial chemicals, fuels residues, pesticides, PCBs, herbicides, and explosives residues.  Analyses for volatile compounds are conducted in a separate laboratory with an isolated HVAC system to avoid sample contamination.

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