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Sample Submission

Below are suggestions and instructions that will facilitate the timely and accurate analysis of your samples.

Bear in mind that REIC has a far-ranging courier fleet that can have your samples to us in a matter of hours. Also, REIC can provide technicians to come to your site and collect your samples, if necessary.

Sample collection is a client service that is charged separately from our lab analysis fees. Please contact your REIC project manager for assistance and scheduling.

Sample Submission

REIC can provide pre-cleaned sample containers to our clients upon request, without charge. Containers supplied by REIC are pre-preserved and labeled as appropriate.

Shipping coolers, container labels,  packing material, Chain of Custody forms, and other supplies are also available, upon request. When requesting sample containers or supplies, 24 hour advance notice is required.

Pack your samples carefully and securely in an adequately-sized cooler, with bubble wrap or other water-impervious material so that glass containers cannot come into contact with each other and so that all samples remain secure and stationary during transportation.

Tape the lid of the cooler closed to ensure a secure and tamper-evident container for your samples during transportation.

To obtain sample containers and supplies, please contact us at (800) 999-0105.

Sample Acceptance

  1. A REIC Chain of Custody must accompany all samples received. The Chain of Custody MUST be completed in its entirety. If there is the potential for moisture to be present, the Chain of Custody form  should be sealed in a water-proof bag.
  2. Persons collecting samples must ensure all labels are permanently affixed to the sample container. Each sample must be properly labeled and identified. All markings on the label should be with an indelible water-proof black ink marker. If not using REIC-supplied labels, make sure labels are impervious to moisture
  3. Be sure to collect an adequate amount of sample in the proper containers with the correct preservative for the analyses. Contact your REIC project manager if you have questions or need assistance.
  4. All analyses have required holding times within which they must be analyzed. All samples should be delivered to REIC in a timely manner to allow adequate time for analysis. If you are not sure about holding times, please contact your REIC project manager for assistance.
  5. Samples that are preserved by cooling at 4°C must arrive at REIC's log-in area with the temperature in the range of 0.5°C – 6.0°C.
  6. REIC will not proceed with the requested analysis if samples arrived damaged, if the samples are not properly preserved, or if the Chain of Custody is missing or incomplete. If such is the case, the client will be notified immediately and given every opportunity to resolve the issues.
  7. REIC conducts all analyses as promptly as possible. Standard turn around time for most analyses is 5 to 7 working days, depending on current workload. Please bear in mind that the holding time starts at the time of collection. Make sure you allow adequate time for analysis.

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