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Research & Special Projects

Analytical method development:

Many of REIC's technical leaders have significant methods research experience, adapting existing methods or developing new methods for unique and challenging testing needs. Examples include methods developed for dissolved methane in water and volatile fatty acids in water. Method adaptations include a rapid screening procedure for PCBs in soils for a large remediation project.

In January of 2014 a major chemical spill contaminated the water system in Charleston, WV, affecting more than 300,000 people. Within 48 hours of being contacted, REIC scientists had developed a practical testing method for the  chemical, MCHM, in the absence of any approved procedures.  Within a short time, we enhanced that method to achieve a reporting level of 2 ppb, eventually getting the reporting level down to less than one ppb.

Bench-scale treatment studies:

REIC is experienced in conducting a variety of bench-scale waste treatment studies to assist clients in developing or implementing new treatment strategies. Examples include using milk by-products to enhance degradation of tetrachloroethene in wastewater, selenium removal from mine drainage, and a study of critical parameters for formation of disinfection by-products in drinking water.

Environmental site investigation:

REIC looks at a wide variety of data collected and analyzed for clients within the mining, logging, and road-building industries. Water chemistry, detailed riparian and vegetation analysis, benthic macroinvertebrate analysis, fish resources data, stream substrate composition, wetlands evaluations, and use of wetlands by amphibians can all be analyzed to provide an accurate portrayal of present conditions. This is critical when disturbances to the ecosystem are anticipated so that project location and construction methods can be designed to minimize negative impacts.

Project specific air studies:

REIC designs effective programs to sample and analyze indoor air quality, identify problems, and recommend cost-effective solutions. REIC's team of industrial hygienists, engineers, microbiologists, and chemists has addressed air quality issues in schools, hospitals, office buildings, and industrial settings, as well as other sites.

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