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Client Data Access

Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS):

REIC provides efficient storage and handling of the huge volume of sample information and analysis results associated with client projects. REIC’s laboratory information management system (LIMS) consists of commercial environmental LIMS software on a powerful SQL database server. The entire LIMS database is fully backed up and secured daily.

Upon receipt at REIC’s labs, all relevant sample information is entered into the LIMS and all chain-of-custody  forms for your samples are stored in LIMS as part of the electronic project record.

The LIMS is used to track the progress of each sample, including all analysis results, from receipt through reporting, and finally, sample disposal. All major laboratory instruments are interfaced with the LIMS to facilitate efficient transfer of results and essentially eliminate transcription errors. All laboratory analysis reports and invoices are generated by the LIMS as Acrobat PDF documents that can be printed and mailed or e-mailed to our clients.

REIConnect™ is our powerful web portal that allows clients secure and efficient electronic access to their project data. Clients can log on to view the status of their projects and download project documents, including final reports, invoices, and chain-of-custody records.

Analysis results can also be viewed for tests completed and validated, but not yet reported. Since results and documents are updated directly from REIC’s LIMS in real-time, client data is always current.

Clients can also configure their account to automatically e-mail notification of new projects, final reports, and invoices. Many REIC clients elect to go "paperless" and receive all reports electronically.

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