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Biological Evaluations

At one the finest facilities of its kind in the eastern US, REIC provides two areas of biological services: toxicity evaluations (bioassays) in the lab and environmental research in the field.

Toxicity Evaluations (Bioassays)

Bioassay testing has been a staple at REC since 1986. REIC's Biological Division is accredited by the State of West Virginia in accordance with NELAP for Whole Effluent Toxicity evaluations.

Tests include the 24-48 hour static screening tests that look only at the toxicity of a full-strength sample, and the 6-8 day chronic toxicity tests that not only look at survival, but encompass more subtle parameters such as growth rates and reproduction. Tests are conducted using walk-in environmental chambers that accurately control lighting, photo period, and test temperature. All test organisms used, such as the fathead minnow (Pimephales promelas) and several daphnia species, are raised in-house to ensure proper age and health of the test organisms prior to testing.

Field Studies

Field evaluations for biological and environmental research are conducted for benthic macroinvertebrates, fish, stream restoration, and wetland delineations. Acute and chronic toxicity tests (bioassays) are conducted in-house in our own environmental chambers.

Stream Restoration

REIC uses the Applied Stream Classification System to classify a stream according to its dimensions, pattern, and profile. Measurements of a stream's geomorphology, sediment characteristics, and its relation to a reference reach of undisturbed stream of the same classification can be used to determine the best method for stream restoration.

Wetlands Design

REIC's Biological Division evaluates prevailing vegetation, hydrology, and soil types to properly classify such areas and determine accurate wetlands boundaries.

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